How to Design a Blog

Want to design the perfect blog? The design of your blog is important because it draws viewers in. Here are a couple of my favorite blog design tips:

  1. Think of a theme for your layout. Do you want it to have a artsy and colorful look to match your brand (good to use for Etsy owners or artists)? Do you want it to look more simple and minimalist (great if you want more focus on the content)? Think of a few words to describe the look you are going for and even make a mood board or inspiration board. Choose a few layouts you really like from other blogs and make a note about what you like about each of them.
  2. Make sure you use a font and font size that is easy to read in your blog entries. Good fonts to use are Tahoma and Verdana. On graphics, you can use more unique fonts. Stick to a few basic fonts to use throughout your blog layout.
  3. Choose a couple main colors for your layout. I like checking out Design Seeds for color palettes which will give you ideas of color combinations to use. Do not use bright colors against white that are hard to read.
  4. What rules will you have for your blog? Will you blog 3x a week? Do you have different collaborators? Consider these rules when creating a layout because you want the design to work with your blog. If you have different writers, you might have a plugin that shows who the author is for each entry.
  5. Have personalized graphics in your blog posts with the title of your post that fit the style of your blog. These are perfect for sharing on social media. Canva is a good tool to use to create blog or social media graphics that are the right size.
  6. A sidebar is important to have in your blog and you should consider its features when designing a layout. How will you draw viewers in? Have an avatar or image yourself to personalize your blog. I also like to include a “read more” link or clickable image that takes viewers to my about page. Include social media icons if you use social media pages. Also, include other links on your blog such as a link to your website or Etsy shop, but try not to overfill your sidebar with widgets. I like to have a newsletter or subscribe opt in also so readers can stay connected.
  7. Have share or Pinterest button or click to tweets
  8. Check how your layout looks on different browsers. I like using Browserling. Also, check on your phone or tablet to make sure your blog is responsive.
  9. Fill in a style guide to keep track of your info. Write down the basic fonts, colors and rules you’ll use.

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