My New Year Resolutions

These are my resolutions for the new year.

Stay healthy.

I want to workout more, at least a few times a week. I am vegan, but I slipped up a few times in 2017. I want to try to stay vegan and be more strict about the food I eat. I am also trying to save money when I buy food.

Get organized.

I want to stay organized in both my business and personal life. I want to go through my files and photos on my computer and phone and organize them. I also want to get rid of unnecessary items.

Save money.

i want to save more money and keep some money in a savings account. I also want to pay off all my bills this year.

Keep blogging.

I want to continue blogging, posting on social media and listing items on my website and Etsy consistently. I also want to post an eBook for sale every month.

What are your resolutions for 2018?

Negative Space

I love working with negative space in photos. I took these photos for the A Beautiful Mess photo class a while ago, but I thought I would post them anyway.

I took this photo of me sleeping for the Fresh Perspective challenge, but I thought it worked for this topic too. I like all the white space in this photos and interesting angle.

The natural white negative space came out in this photo from putting it on a white background. It reminds me of snow and wintertime.

Having negative space in your photo can make for a much more interesting composition. Do you ever work with negative space in photos?

Halloween Prints and Cards

Do you shop for Halloween? These are some Halloween photo prints I listed:

These minimalist cards are perfect for wishing someone a happy Halloween. You can find them in my Etsy shop. I also have these photo prints:

This Cobwebs photo was taken when we had Halloween decorations up.

This photo was taken of light coming in from the window. I think the dark moody feeling of this photo is perfect for Halloween.

Find everything in my Etsy shop.


I listed a bunch of new photo prints in my Etsy shop. I have a variety of items in my shop, but I am focusing on prints for now.

Some of the photos are new. A bunch of the photos are old photos that have been edited. I played around with different techniques for editing and some photo prints have different variations.

This is a series of photos called “Leaves” where I played around with color. I had the original photo of leaves and changed the color to make it more abstract.

I offer photo prints in many sizes and you can choose to buy luster, matte or glossy. I also offer the photos on greeting cards and custom items.

Color Challenge

Color can be one of my favorite parts of photos. In this week’s class for Everyday Photography, the challenge was to find color to use in our photography, whether in your community or own home.

I love the color in these photos of some of my Etsy items. The iridescent paper changes color in the light. I am experimenting with how I take my product photos and trying different ways to showcase my products.

I took this photo in the park and love the greens in it. I edited it a little using A Color Story. Nature has such beautiful natural colors.

I love the strong reds in this blanket and how they came out in this photograph. I also like the contrast of something soft like a blanket being a strong red color.

How do you use colors in your photos?


Work Vibes

In the photo class I am taking, today’s challenge was all about capturing your everyday work life. I think studio and office shots are great.

I am applying for freelance jobs right now and these are some ways I stay organized with my resume and other files. Though it is a simple item, I love how it was captured in this photo.

These are a couple new shots of my paper craft products I am working on for my Etsy. I love the contrast of colors in these two photos.

How do you capture your work environment through photos?

Week 12: Pop Culture

Fashion, locations, memorabilia and many other things can fit in the topic of pop culture. The Everyday Photography challenge this week was to shoot images of pop culture.

I found this magazine with an album review and a drawing of the band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I also love that it is a drawing and not a real image. I am not sure if I like it better in color or black and white.

This is another image from a magazine with actress Mischa Barton. I added some makeup over it to get an interesting effect. The image made me think of what draws us to certain celebrities and not others.

What makes you think of pop culture?

Who Are Your Favorite People?

Who are your favorite people? I recently visited my brother, Teddy. I took some photos of him and I thought it fit with the theme in A  Beautiful  Mess’s Everyday Photography class which asked us to document the people in our life.

I decided to edit all the photos so they are black and white. I love some of the silhouettes I got. For more in the Everyday Photo challenge, see here and here.

Fresh Perspective

This week’s assignment in the Everyday Photography class was to look at things with a fresh perspective,

I took this on my bed. They were sort of a shot I got naturally and I like all the white space that makes you see things from a different perspective.

I got these shots by looking up at the sky. I love how they look like a forest of spot in nature and you can’t even tell where I am taking them from.

I took this photo behind a door and I love the imprisonment feeling I got and leaked bits of light.

How do you change your perspective?

What’s On My Plate

This week’s photo challenge asked is to take photos of what’s on your plate. I am trying to perfect my food photography more so I liked this challenge.

I love the abstract look of these chickpeas. Though it is not directly on my plate, I think it fits in this challenge because it is food photography.

This photo is from some veggie sandwiches I meal prepped.

I got these shots from doing a Hello Fresh meal. I like this program because they give you all the ingredients you need for a meal.

Do you take photos of your food?