Planner Pages and Refills

I just stocked up on new planner pages and refills in my shop. These planner pages can be added to binder planners such as the ones found in my shop or other brands.

I will do a post later with more info on the planners I am selling. I love binder planner set because it is easy to add to them with planner pages.

Let me know which is your favorite. Do you use a planner?

Blank Paper Planner Stickers

Blank Paper Creations sent me some planner stickers to review. I want to get in to planning more so I was excited to check out this shop.

The stickers came in this cute package. I love the hand lettering used for my name on the package.

Blank Paper Planner Stickers

Blank Paper Planner Stickers

I got two kits including the Fall Friends and Blushing Beauty kit. I love the colors and characters on these kits.

This is one of the spreads I created with the Fall Friends planner stickers. I thought the stickers were well made and I love the designs on these stickers.

Have you ever used planner stickers?

Easter Planner Stickers from PlantoCreate

Happy Easter! I got sent someone planner stickers from PlantoCreate.

I asked to try out the Easter art for my Erin Condren planner. This was a page for my spread before I wrote on it.

I love these stickers. The pastel colors were perfect for Easter and I love the little sayings. The quality was good and would try out some items from this shop again.

Check out PlantoCreate for sstickers, bookmarks, planner clips and other items. Let me know in the comments if you ever use planner stickers.

Using Decorative Paper for Planning

I recently used decorative paper in my  Erin Condren planner. I got a bunch of orders for altered planner using this pretty black and white decorative paper. I decided to use the scraps like stickers. Here is a quick tutorial on how I did it.


  • Decorative Paper: Scraps work well for this. You can use any decorative or scrapbook paper you have.
  • Double Sided Adhesive Paper or Tape: I like using tape instead of glue to make them feel more like a sticker. You can also use sticker paper.
  • Scissors: You need scissors or a cutting board to cut the paper. A cuffing board will make a straight line easier.
  • Ruler: You might also need misc supplies like a ruler and pencil.


1. First, you will want to cut your decorative paper scraps in to the right size for stickers. You can check the sizes for Erin Condren Weekly Vertical layout here

. If you have questions about other sizes, you can let me know in the comments and I will try to find the sizes for you.

These stickers work best for full size boxes, but if you try other sizes, let me know in the comments.

2. Add strips of the double sided tape to the back of the stickers. I found that two to three strips worked fine for sticking them on. If you are using double sided sticker paper, attach your decorative paper to the sticker paper and cut to the right size.

3. That’s it. You can now use your decorative stickers in your planne.

I only tried this stickers with the black and white paper, but I am sure they will look good with any paper you use. If you try these out, leave a comment or use hashtag #mythreadofthought

Let me know if you want to see other tutorials like how to design planner stickers on the computer and print them out.

Erin Condren Life Planner Review

Erin Condren Life Planner

I had heard a lot of things about Erin Condren from the internet. I loved watching planning videos on YouTube so I thought I would try out the planner for 2017. Some other planners I have used in the past include the Moleskine Planner, Paper Source Planners and planners I make myself.

Erin Condren Life Planner

One thing I like about this planner is you can customize the cover. I chose a quote that says, “She designed a life she loved” in green and purple colors. The planner is spiral bound which I like.

Erin Condren Covers

I got the weekly vertical layout because I thought that would fit my lifestyle the best. One thing I really wanted to try with this planner is decorating it with stickers. Many stickers you can find fit the Erin Condren layout.

Erin Condren Life Planner

I think I will try out some more stickers and decorating in the future. The Erin Condren package came with some stickers to start out with. Let me know if you want to see planner stickers in my shop or what your favorite planner sticker shops are so I can try out some stickers. I think I do some reviews of some planner sticker shops.

The Erin Condren store has all types of items including monthly planners, academic planners, wedding planners, calendars and accessories to add to your planner. Want $10 off your purchase? Just use my referral link here. 


Using Sea Salt in Art Journaling


How do you like to watercolor? I like to start with two colors and let them naturally blend together with the water. I used a medium sized flat paint brush when I did this entry. I made a sort of wave pattern because the colors reminded me of water and waves. To added a little texture, I added sea salt which reminds me of the ocean.


How to Write a Letter to Yourself

How to Write a Letter to Yourself

Have you ever written a letter to yourself? I will sometimes write letters to myself and read them in the future. Writing a letter to yourself in the past or future can help you reflect on your life.

  • Art journal
  • Piece of paper
  • Pen or writing supplies
  • Watercolor paint (optional)
  • Decorations such as stickers or glitter (optional)
  • Envelope (optional)
1. If you wish, decorate the background of your page with watercolor or other decorations. I like using a layer of watercolor paint in a few different colors as a background.
2. Once the background is dry, write your letter. You can write to your past or future self. Date the letter and use the format of a traditional letter. Here are some ideas on what to write about:
  • Write about what you are doing in your life now and what problems you are having. Writing can help you work through problems.
  • Ask your future self questions. See how you answer the questions when you open the letter in the future.
  • If you are writing to your past self, write what you would have changed or done differently. Give advice to your younger self.
  • Write what goals you have for the future. See if you have completed these goals.
  • Write what your current interests are, who your friends are and other details of your life you might not remember.
3.  You may choose to or your note in an envelope. You can gue in an envelope in your art journal or have the envelope separately. Address the letter to yourself and decorate and stamp the envelope. This is an envelope a decorate with gold letters.
Have you ever written a letter to yourself?

Paper Source Planner Review

Back to school time is a great time to start planning. I was shopping at Paper Source and saw a few planners on sale. I decided to pick a few up since they were half off.

This 18 month weekly calendar planner is dated from August 2015 – January 2017. It has a weekly layout with good space for writing notes or decorating. It also has monthly and yearly views in the front. I used it for keeping a schedule of events I was going to and keeping notes. The size is medium – not too large or too small. It is good for keeping at hot desk or carrying around.
It has a pretty rose gold and black design. The side of the pages are gold when you close the planner. It uses an open coptic stitch binding that is painted black. The open stitch design is nice because the planner lies flat when you open it. It also has a strap, but no bookmark.
This 17 month weekly planner is dated from August 2015 – December 2016. It uses a weekly layout with lined pages. I used it for keeping a daily to do list. The lined pages are good for writing, but may not be good for decorating.
This planner is soft cover. It has an elegant light gold color and design. It is a medium sized planner that can fit in your purse. I liked the design of this planner overall, but think it could use a bookmark or strap. The size is nice.
This paper planner is dated from August 2015 – December 2016. The layout uses a monthly view. I used it for planning blog posts. It is a small planner that can fit anywhere.
The planner uses a cute tan, gold and black design. The pages are tan on the inside. The cover is paper and uses staples are a stitching. I liked the paper design, but this may rip or year more easily than hard or soft cover.
Which planner do you like to use?

How I Journal Every Day


Have you ever had a creative block or trouble finishing something?

I have always been a really creative person since I was little. I tend to go through phases of making art and not making art. One day, while I was in college, I was feeling kind of bored with my life. I was going through one of those phases of not making art and hadn’t really made a lot of artwork consistently in a few years. I had a thought that I should create art again.

Art journaling is a great method for creating art whether you are a new artist or want to try something new. I like art journaling because it allows you to experiment. You can try out different methods and materials to create and not worry about the outcome. It doesn’t matter what you create, write or draw. If you don’t like it, you can cover it up and start again. Nobody has to see it but you unless you want to share it. Here are some ways to journal consistently:

Get some supplies.

Sometimes, just having a few materials is enough to get you started. Find a few materials you think you would enjoy. Maybe investing in a nice handmade journal or fancy pen will motivate you to get started. Do what’ works for you.

Set a routine for creating. 

If you want to create every day, set a time and place for you to journal. Maybe you have a studio or a space in your bedroom where you like to work. Set a certain time each day to go there and work on your journal. The morning is a great time to create. One method of journaling is to write morning pages where you free write three full pages each morning. Working in the afternoon or at night might work better for you if you find you have more creative energy later in the day.

Set a goal or join a challenge.

Setting goals can help you create the kind of art you want. Maybe you want to finish a journal or art journal day every day for a month. Maybe you will art journal with only one medium for a week, such as watercolor. I find community challenges like Art Journal Every Day can be helpful in motivating you and holding you accountable for your goal. I am doing a blogging challenge now from ProBlogger and I like that it gives me positive pressure to create new blog posts.

You can also try googling art journal ideas or creative writing prompts to use each day. I like to print out prompts, cut them out and put them in a jar. Pull out of the jar each day and use it to inspire for your entry.

Share your accomplishments.

You should celebrate if you finish a goal. Announce on social media what you accomplished. Post photos or scans of journal entries on Flickr or your blog. Show off your favorite journal entries.

How do you like to set and complete goals?

How to Choose the Perfect Planner for Your Lifestyle

How to Choose the Perfect Planner
It is not too late to buy a planner in the year. I recently found a couple planners on sale at Paper Source and bought a few. You can also look in my shop, Move the Needle, for custom planners. You can also find planners dated from 2016-2017 so you can use it in to next year. These are some questions to ask yourself when choosing a planner.

What type of pages do you want?

Do you want daily, weekly or monthly views of the pages? Some planners have all three formats while others focus on only one format. Monthly is good if you want a general overview and more of a calendar style planner. These pages can also be good to plan blog posts. Weekly format is a good general format to use. It allows enough room to write notes and events for each day.  Use a daily format if you want to add more detail to each day or write a few schedule out.

Planner Decorating

What size do you want? 

Planners come in a variety of sizes. For example, you can find Moleskine planners in pocket, large and extra large sizes. When choosing a size, you want to make sure you have enough room to write things down, but it is small enough to be portable if you need to carry it around. Pocket size planners are good for carrying around in your purse and for jotting quick notes, but don’t give you a lot of room to write detailed notes. Large size planners are good if you are not planning to carry your planner around and are keeping your planner at your desk. Extra large planners give you even more room to write or decorate your planner.

What style do you want?

There are many styles of planners out there. Choose a style that you love to look at. Do you want a handmade planner or non handmade? What color do you want your planner? Do you want a customized planner with your name or other details? Some other things you should consider are if you want a soft or hard cover planner and if you want the bookbinding to be bound or a ring/spiral binder.

What other features do you want? 

Think about what other features you want inside your planner. Do you want a place to write down notes? Do you need a place to keep addresses? Maybe you prefer pages with to do lists. Think about what features you need and which planners offer them.

Erin Condren Stickers

How much do you want to pay?

You should also consider price. Trendy planners, such as the Erin Condren, are more expensive while you can find many planners at a cheaper price. If you are willing to pay more, you can also get a custom planner.

What type of planners do you like?