An Eye for an Eye eBook

I just released a new book called “An Eye for an Eye”. It has a collection of 10 poems I have written. I usually write nonfiction eBooks so I thought it would be something different to post my original writing.

An Eye for an Eye Collection of Poems

Here is a sample of some of my poems:

The Superhero
Though the spotlight shines on me
and the public claims me as a hero,
I hide behind this costume
because I am afraid
to reveal who I really am.

My elaborately decorated mask
is made just for my face,
carefully fitted costume
with bright and coordinated colors
that strangers imitate
and worship.

Without the mask,
I am a man without purpose.
Though the powers I have
are real,
they separate me from
the rest of the world.
I am not just a savior,
but an outcast.

I have saved
many lives,
but I am only remembered
for the villains I have
won against
and not the lives
that have been lost
because of my fights,
the victims who were

I am afraid to let them
see who I am
beneath the
acts of heroism.

In my real life
I am just another person
who needs to be saved.

The gold jewelry box waited for me
next to the old fashioned piano that sang
our music back to us from a piano roll,
in the basement we used to play in.

My grandma’s photographs hung on walls
near collections of glass animals
and carved statues that guarded rooms
of her one-story house in Dayton.

While my parents and relatives
fought like children over which items
were theirs, my sister and I split
the hand painted glass frogs equally.

The black stallion you could see from
the kitchen now hangs in our living room,
while the piano player in the basement
went to my cousins.

Nobody argued over the little
box in the basement,
its tiny white beads
and gold interior
holding inside
my memories of her.

The Waltz
I hesitate to follow your steps
as you try to lead me
on the path I was warned about.

But when the music plays,
you hold my hands
and we move as one.

You can find more of poems by purchasing on Amazon or in my Etsy shop.

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